Method 1:  Block fake GPS location

Clock in/out is not allowed for illegal attempts of using the fake GPS location. We would verify the clock in/out location sent by the user before marking their attendance. Only the actual current location is accepted.

Method 2:  Send email to notify admin when the employee is using different to clock in/out

  • Some of the employees are late to work or they are on-site duty but without going to that location. They asked other colleagues to help them to mark their attendance. 

  • To prevent this, every time the employee uses different devices to clock in/out, our system would send an email as below to notify the admin. From here, the admin can do a further investigation.

Method 3:  Send email to notify email admin whenever the same phone is used to clock in for another account

  • Method 3 is the enhanced version of Method 2. We would send another email to admin if the same phone is used to clock in/out for another account. From the email, you can know which employee has asked other's help to check in.

Method 4:  Limit clock in/out boundary

  • To prevent any clock in from the place that out of the range of the radius set, by default, we included a 200m radius around the company. This is also to allow some buffer to other users' location accuracy issues. If you clock in/out within 200m, it will by default showcase the address of your company.