• Currently, we don’t have the OT report. But we do have the Attendance Clock Log report. It shows all employees clock in/out time, location and total working hours. However, you would need to sort and calculate the Over Time Hours manually. As an alternative, you shall use the Excel Sheet existing function to filter which employees have worked overtime.

  • Here are the steps to do it:

            Step 1) Open the CSV report with Excel Sheet.


            Step 2) Go to “Data”, highlight the column “Total Accumulate By Day” and click “Filter”.


         Step 3) Click the dropdown option at the column “Total Accumulate By Day”. Then choose “Number Filters” → and you may choose the condition that match your case. For example, you may choose “Greater Than”.

        Step 4) Enter the number. For example, after working for 8 hours, the employee is considered as working OT. Then you may enter 8 and click “OK” to apply the filter. From the filter result, you may do a simple minus calculation to get the total over time hours.