Option 1: View Live Attendance Records

To check whether the employee has clocked in on time, leave early, or is absent, you can go to our Attendance Records. It can be viewed in both the app & website platform.

(a) App

- Home > Attendance > Document Icon (Top Right) > Graph Icon(Top Right). You can view the different attendance metrics that we used to track employee attendance behavior.

(b) EasyWork Website(only for Standard and Pro plan)

- Access to https://hub.easywork.asia/dashboard/attendance_report or from the menu select Smart Office > Attendance Report

-This is only available to companies signed up for the Standard and Pro plan.

Option 2: Attendance Map

To view an employee's clock in/out location, you can use the Attendance Map view. It will show the exact location where the employee check in/out. The attendance map can be viewed in both the app & website platform:

(a) App

- Home > Attendance > Document Icon (Top Right) > Map Icon (Top Right) - Green indicates clock in, while orange indicates clock out.

However, this option only allows you to check employee location details one by one. You cannot do it in bulk.

(b) EasyWork Website(only for Standard and Pro plan) 

Option 3: Export the Attendance Log and Summary Report

  • Another way to check the employees’ clock in/out location in bulk is by exporting the company report. 
  • You may refer to EasyWork - Export Your Company Reports for more details. You would get an Attendance report, in there you may see the clock in/out time and location for each employee.

If you are interested to know some methods that the EasyWork applied to prevent employees for cheating, you may refer to EasyWork - Attendance - How EasyWork Against Employees Cheating in Attendance