1. Launch EasyWork and tap on LEAVE

  • From EasyWork Home Screen
  • Select on Leave

2.  Then click “Leave Application” you can see the leave form.

  • Under Leave
  • You will see Leave Application 
  • Use that to apply for your leaves
  • Tap on Leave Application

3. Fill in every detail, can even add supporting documents as proof

  • You will be shown a form
  • Make sure to fill up all the required in the form
  • You can also attach a supporting document if needed

4. Remember to put down the approvers and cc, press submit and you are done for leave application

  • Once you have filled up the information
  • You need to choose your approver, usually your manager or supervisor
  • You can also choose to "CC" someone to inform them about your application
  • Once done, tap on "Submit"