Some of the companies are using clock button to clock in/out and some are using QR code. Does the offline mode support both of the methods? The answer is YES. Started from the app version 1.15.7, our app supports for the offline mode to clock in/out. The clock record would sync and saved into our database when the phone is back online.

1) To use the offline mode, please make sure that your phone's internet connection has been TURNED OFF. Tap on the "Attendance" module to enter the Attendance screen. 

2) Once you enter the attendance screen, clock in/out using either through the clock button or scan the QR code. After done, it shows a text "We'll update the pending records when you're back online".

3) The pending record would show below the clock button. The time recorded is based on the current time where the employee clock in/out and the location tracked is based on the employee's latest location before offline. 

4) Reconnect to the internet/back to online, open the app and enter the "Attendance" screen to sync the attendance record into the database. 

Once done the update, the text "We'll update the pending records when you're back online" would disappear. And the clock location/address was shown in a readable format.