EasyWork users will have their very own profiles. All information regarding employee details to reporting hierarchy can be done in profile. Here’s what you can expect in the User Profile: 

Employee Basic Details

  • First / Last Name - To allows users to identify the user

  • Date Of Birth (D.O.B) - Admin will get a reminder about birthdays

  • Country - To identify employees working location if the company has multiple locations

Employee Login Details

  • Email - For login and communication purposes

  • Phone number -  For login and communication purposes

  • Change Password - To allow users to change their password

  • Facebook / Google /Apple Linked  Accounts - Allow users a faster way of login method

Employee Employment Details

  • Reporting Hierarchy - Update our job title and the supervisor will appear automatically in request forms as an approver

  • Enrolment Date - Will be used to identify leave allocation  

  • Working Hours/Days - For employees attendance feature purposes