1. Offer letter issued will be sent to candidate’s email address. (Please advise candidate to also look into Spam/Junk box if unable to find the offer letter from inbox)

  1. Candidate may find an Accept offer letter link and a Reject offer letter link within the email.

  1. This email will also include an offer letter in PDF version.

  1. If a candidate clicks to sign an offer letter, candidate will be redirected to EasyWork webpage. Candidates may use their finger (on Mobile) or use mouse (on Desktop) to sign the offer letter.

  1. Candidates should click on the Confirm button to submit the signed offer letter.

  1. If a candidate clicks to Reject the offer letter, the candidate is required to state his/her reason before confirming to reject the offer letter.

  1. If a candidate signed the offer letter, a copy of signed offer letter will be emailed to candidate and CC offer letter issuer & company representative.