There are a few benefits for having Departments: 

  1. Choosing employees by filtering departments

  2. Give rewards to specific departments

  3. Inviting specific departments to participate in Polls

  4. Submit or CC the request form to specific HOD(Head of Department)

Create Department

1) Home Screen > Tap on "Company" icon on the bottom navigation menu

2) Tap on the "Departments" option.

3) It will launch on the Departments screen. Tap on "+" icon to add a department.

4) Enter name & HOD(Head of Department) and save. A new department is created successfully.

Add Employee into Department

1) Tap on the selected department that you want to add employee.

2) Then, tap on View Employees.

3) Tap on Add Employee 

4) Select employees > Tap "Done" to implement the update.

Remove Employee from Department

1) Repeat Steps 1 to 3 in "Add Employee into Department".

2) On the Employee List screen, tap the pencil icon.

3) Select member  > Tap "Unassign" to remove employee from the department.

Update Department

1) Tap on the selected department  that you want to update.

2)  Edit details.

3) Tap Update to save the changes.

Delete Department

1) Tap on the selected department that you want to delete.

2) Tap Delete and Confirm to remove .