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It is a go-green feature and employees can clock in/out with just a tap of your finger. You need not have external devices like punch card machines or Biometric Scanners anymore as everything is done on your smartphones. It is reliable, accurate and cost effective as we use GPS location to track the employee’s attendance. With this powerful feature, even when you are away from the office, you shall track your employee’s attendance and absenteeism remotely.


Moreover, it also comes with insightful reports and graphs while admin is able to track the attendance record just by one glance. Simple and easy!

Here is how our attendance feature works


Step 1:  Update company Address

Admin have to update the company address as when we generate live attendance report a correct company timezone is required. If the company address is missing, by default, we would take the company creator’s timezone. It may result in the live attendance report is inaccurate.

To update company details: 

1) Home Screen > Tap on the Company Logo > Enter Company screen > Tap on the "Details"

2) Update your company address, postcode, country and region. And finally remember to update the changes.

Step 2: Update Company Attendance Setting

Admin shall go to the company attendance setting to do update. Please refer to EasyWork - Setting Late Buffer and Company & Personal Working Hours

Step 3: Select the option for employees mark their presence 

There are 3 options provided by our app:

(i) Remote: By tapping the clock in/out button or 

(ii) QR Code: The code is unique and will change every few minutes. It required a smartphone with GPS to display the code to let employees to scan for check in. For more details, please refer to EasyWork - Clock In/Out with QR Code Option

(iii) Offline Mode: Support both methods above. Employees can also mark their attendance offline. Just tap the clock in/out button or scan the QR code as normal, our app would store the record like time & clock location and sync when the internet is available. May refer to EasyWork- Clock In/Out with Offline Mode

Step 4: Employee mark attendance and put remark(if necessary)

After the employee marks his presence, an attendance record would display at the Attendance screen. It shows the time and location. Employees can tap the pencil icon to include remark.

Step 5: View Attendance Record

  • To view the attendance record, you may tap on the “document” icon at the top right corner of the Attendance screen.

  • Basically, it is an attendance dashboard for employee and admin. It is used to view attendance by date. Admin could select which employee to view from the employee list provided. If you are normal employee you can only view own record.


  • It shows the pie chart like Present vs Absent”, “On Time vs Late/Leave Early”, “Full vs Short Working Hour”, and "Complete vs Incomplete Working Day". From here, admin could know employee’s overall attendance record.

  • Moving forward to the candletick chart, it lets you have a quick overview of the employee attendance pattern. The green bar represents employee has normal daily attendance, while orange bar means employee is either late/leave early or have short working hours. When you tap on the specific date, it will show that day's attendance entry- the clock in/out time, location and remarks(if any).


  • For the absent day, we also let the employee add remarks to explain where he/she is. It could be useful tracking record for both the admin and employee himself. One thing to take note that the remarks could only be added on the next day.

  • There is also a map view that allows admins and employees to view their clock in/out location by date. Green indicates clock in, while orange indicates clock out. For more details, please refer to EasyWork In-App Attendance Map

Step 6: View Admin Live Attendance Report

  • Only admins are allowed to view this report. It showcases the daily live attendance report by date and helps to track absentees, late comers, early leavers, employee’s short working hours. For more details, please refer to How to Utilize the Live Attendance Report

Step 7: Generate Attendance Report

Admin shall generate the company report in CSV format, an email would be sent to admin. By following the instructions, admin could download it from the EasyWork Hub. For more details, may refer to EasyWork - Export Your Company Reports