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Please note that only admin with the privilege to manage attendance can get this QR code. Thus it can perfectly avoid employees from clock in/out while they are outside the office. Here is how it works.

Step 1: Go To Company Settings and tap on Attendance 

Home Screen > Tap on the Attendance Module > Enter Attendance screen > Tap on the "3 dots" icon at the top right side of the screen > Select "Switch to Camera"

Step 2: Get the QR Code

After that, tap on the QR code icon below the screen, it would display a QR code that is specific for your company.


Step 3: Employee Scan the Code to Mark Attendance

i) As an employee, he needs to open the app QR code scanner to clock in/out. He may find it at the attendance screen.

ii) By tapping the "3 dots" icon > select "Switch to Camera", it would open the scanner. He shall scan the QR code to mark his attendance. A success message “Attendance Log has been created” would prompt. 

iii) Employee can view the record at the Attendance screen, it shows the time and location.


  • i) You need a phone with GPS to display QR code. Please don't print this QR code out and stick it on the wall to let employees scan. The employee wouldn't able to clock in/out successfully. As we would take the phone’s current GPS location as an employee's clock in/out location. And the code is unique and will change every few minutes. 

  • ii) Currently, we do not provide the setting to enable/disable the clock in/out option: either by tapping the attendance button or scanning the QR code. To facilitate admin, we have added another 2 new fields called "Clock In Type" and "Clock Out Type” inside the Attendance report. Type "QR" means employee clock in by scanning the code; while type "GPS" means the clock in data is came from by tapping the clock in button. You may request your employees to clock in/out using the QR code once you realized that they didn't do so.