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Here you have a step by step guide on “Editing Created Polls Guide”.

Tap on Polls Feature Icon

Home Screen > Polls


In Polls Feature Screen

Polls Screen > Select Poll

  • Choose the poll you would like to edit

Now You’re At Polls Profile Screen

To edit your poll, perform the following:

Polls Profile Screen > Tap "Pencil" Icon (Top right corner) 


Polls Update Form

Once here fill in the details and your options.

Depending on the status of the poll, some fields might be no longer adjustable.

  • For "Upcoming" polls, all fields can be changed.
  • For "Active" polls, Description, End DateTime, and Result Visibility are viable to changes.
  • For "Ended" polls, no field can be changed.

Click “UPDATE” to confirm the changes.

And there you go, you have successfully edited the details of your poll.