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EasyWork allows you to export and send your company report in CSV format directly to your email. Here is how you can do it.

*Note: The reporting feature is controlled based on the module privilege. Let's say you have the privilege "Manage Attendance" then you only can generate and download report related to Attendance. However, if you have "Manage Company" access or "Full Access Control", of course, you can generate ALL the reports.


Step 1: Go To Company Settings and tap on Reports

Home Screen > Top Left Corner (To Launch Side Bar) > Company > Scroll Down To Reports 


Go directly to EasyWork Hub and skip to Step 3.

Step 2: Filter Dates and Send Report

Filter Dates (Use The Quick Filter OR Manually Select The Dates) > Send Report

*Once "Send Report" is tapped, EasyWork will send you an email which will guide you to EasyWork Hub. 

Step 3: Login to EasyWork's Hub

Log into EasyWork's Hub with the same login details as EasyWork App. 

Step 4: Filter & Download

Once you have are in EasyWork's Hub, you have the options to filter through the dates and pick which report to download. 

A CSV will be downloaded automatically when you click on the intended report.