1) Launch to EasyWork Hub --> Navigating to sidebar menu and search for "Settings" --> Click "Procurement". It launches on the Procurement Settings page.   

2) Switch to tab "Others". Scroll down and click the "Manage Financial Year & Purchase Order Formatting" button to proceed.

Manage Financial Year

i) The default date is 1st Jan every year.

To modify, select the "Starting Date" and choose the desired date. 

ii) Then, click the "Submit" button to update. The financial year has been updated successfully.

**Starting Date format without year is due to the PO Financial year format.

Manage Purchase Order Formatting

i) On the manage form, enter your header & footer. For example, invoicing instructions or terms and conditions of trade.

ii) Then, click the "Submit" button to update. The PO formatting has been updated successfully.

**This text appears in the header and footer of all pdf purchase orders.