Feature introduction on candidates page: 

1) Filter

  • Filter by candidate name: Search for certain candidates based on their name. The total number of each application stage would update accordingly too.

  • Filter by job title: If you wish to know how many applicants on a certain job, this filtering option sure can achieve the objective easily. You can either search by keywords or select the job from the listing.

  • Filter by Application StatusBy default, all statuses are selected. The number under each status indicates the total applicants. To examine which candidates, click on the selected status. The candidate listing would be filtered out accordingly.

2) Add Candidate

  • Click here to create a new candidate. Only the admin can create a candidate, the hiring manager is not allowed to do so. This is the Kb that could guide you on how to create a candidate

3) Manage or Link to Candidate Details

  • To view or manage the candidate, you can either click on the candidate name or the "Process" link. It will redirect you to the candidate details page.

On the candidate details page, you can