Hence are some important info to take note of upon creating a company:

1) Initially, our company would subscribe to a Basic plan with free 10 users automatically.

2) When employees are above 10 units, with your agreement the subscription would go into 14 days trial.

3) Before the trial ends, an email notification would be sent to you to inform you that the subscription will be renewed itself and you have to pay the subscription. The payment would be charged through the payment method inserted before starting the trial.

You have another option that is to remove the additional users to meet free 10 users to continue using the free Basic plan.

Steps of Getting Basic Plan- 14 Days Trial

1) When you trying to add the 11th employees into company, an alert message would be prompt to notify that your company has reached the free quota allowed.

2) Go to Billing page: https://hub.easywork.asia/dashboard/my_plan

Click "Modify Plan" to proceed.

3) Enter "Quantity". The "Amount to be charged" would be reflected accordingly based on the Quantity and Billing Cycle selected. 

4) Then, proceed to Step 2: Payment Details. Enter all information required and payment method.

5) After that, continue to Step 3: Confirm & Pay. Recheck all the information and plan details. Once confirmed, click "Confirm & Pay" to proceed with the subscription. 

6) Your 14 days of trial is get started. During the trial period

  • A trial countdown timer would show in the app and also hub to remind you when the trial ends. 
  • From the plan details, the plan is "In Trial" and would end after 2 weeks.
  • You would also receive an email that notifies your 14 days of trial is gets started.
  • You can continue to add more employees to the company. We would update the plan's quantity automatically, you don't have to do anything.

7) Before the trial endsthe admin would get an email notification that the subscription is going to be active and renewed itself.

8) Upon the trial ends

  • For those with a payment method, we would charge you automatically based on the current quantity you have. And an invoice would be generated for you.

  • For those without a payment method, a notification box would prompt to alert the admin and all employees that the trial ends.

To continue to use the EasyWork app, as an admin, you can choose either to 

(i) continue the plan by inserting a payment method from hub or 

(ii) manually upgrade the plan at hub or

(iii) removing the additional users to meet the free 10 users' requirements.