This knowledge base is to guide the company who wants to migrate from Basic Leave to Pro and start the Leave Pro system from scratch.


i) What do we mean by starting the Leave Pro from scratch?

-Before the feature of migrating from basic leave to pro, some companies may start to use Leave Pro to manage and track employee's leave records.

-When planning the leave migration, the company may wish to keeps all existing leave pro requests, leave balance, and transactions.  So we provide an option for the company to choose to retain existing leave pro applications. NO leave pro requests would be deleted and NO leave balance would be reset.

ii) Which leave types did we support when migrating Basic Leave to Pro?

Currently, we only support the leave migration for Annual Leave and Medical Leave. It means if you employees applied other leave types like Emergency Leave and Day Off from basic leave request, we wouldn't migrate it.

Steps to Migrating from Basic Leave to Pro (Start the Leave Pro from Scratch)

Step 1:

-Ensure you have turned ON the leave type(Annual Leave & Medical Leave) that you want to apply the migration from basic leave to pro. 

-If you turned OFF the leave type, for example, Medical Leave, we wouldn't clone the Medical Leave request to leave pro & reset the Medical Leave balance and delete existing Medical Leave requestes applied using the leave pro.

How to go to Leave Types Management?

Leave Pro > Go to Leave Pro settings screen > Choose "Leave Types Management" to manage your company's available leave type.

Step 2:

Home screen > Tap on the menu "Leave" > Enter Leave's home screen

Step 3:

-Tap "Migrate To Leave (Pro)" to proceed. It shows a list of basic leave applications that would migrate to Leave Pro. You may scroll down to check the list.

-The list returned

  • is only applied to the Annual Leave and Medical Leave

  • is based on the availability of leave type in Leave Pro. Let's say if you have turned OFF the Medical Leave, then Medical Leave wouldn't appear on the list.

  • If you did the migration previously, you wish to do it again, the list would only retrieve basic leave requests that haven't migrated yet. 

Let's say on 15 Jun 2020, you have migrated 10 basic leave applications to leave pro. But some employees may not be noticed the company has switched to the Leave Pro. They continue to submit leave requests using the basic leave application form. So HR wants to run the 2nd migration to clone all leave requests submitted after 1st migration.

Step 4:

Make sure the option "Retain existing leave pro application" was SELECTED.

Step 5:

After confirming everything, you may proceed with the migration.

Step 6:

Implementation for Migrating from Basic Leave to Pro (Start the Leave Pro from Scratch)

i)   We cloned all the applicable basic leave applications to leave pro (Included the supporting documents and Comment).

ii) We updated the employee's leave balance for the basic leave requests that are pending or approved.

For example, the employee has applied 

-Annual Leave using basic leave form, 

-with the leave duration of 2 days, and

-in status pending for approval. 

The initial Annual Leave's balance is 5.5 days. After migration, we deducted the balance 2 days. Hence the Annual Leave's balance left is 3.5 days.

iii) No leave balance been reset.

iv) The existing leave pro applications are retained. No existing requests would be deleted.

You can see the existing applications are showed in leave pro CSV report. And you may find it in My Submission as well.