Besides subscribing to the plan from the website: EasyWork Hub, you can upgrade or downgrade your company plan from our EasyWork app. It is easy and convenient. Let's start to explore.

Note: To learn how to purchase the plan on EasyWork Hub, may refer to How to purchase a plan

1) There are 2 ways to access the in-app Purchase screen

Alternative 1: Tap the hamburger icon at the top of Home screen  --> Tap "Go Premium"

Alternative 2: Home screen > Tap one of the premium feature(labeled with the "Crown" icon) > Tap "Upgrade Now" to proceed

2) Choose one of the Plan & tap "Upgrade Now" to proceed.

3) Fill in both the "Plan Details" and "Billing Info" required. You may apply the promo code(if any) at the Promo Code field. The total price would be updated accordingly. Then , tap "Check Out" to proceed.  

4) Fill in your payment method and follow the instructions.

5) After done, it would leads to the Payment Confirmation screen. Confirm again your billing info and plan details. If ok, then tap "Confirm & Pay" button to subscribe the plan.

6) Payment succeed. 

7) From the Plans screen, under the plan you purchased just now, a "Subscribed" would show below the plan.

At the same time, premium features like "Leave(Pro), Resource Booking and Hiring" unlocked its access(This only applied to Pro plan and Enterprise Plan, excluded Basic Plan").