How to access this Leave Calendar?

1) Login to easyWork hub with your current EasyWork account,

2) From the menu, find "Leave Pro", expand it and choose "Summary Report".

3) Click on the summary report option, you may choose to switch to another report to view.

Who can view this summary report?

-Only admin and supervisor can view this report

Whose summary report that can be viewed by the Supervisor and Admin?

-Supervisor: He only allows to view his and his subordinates' summary report. The charts and total leave transactions are retrieved based on his reporting hierarchy.

-Admin: He can view ALL employees' summary report. No restriction for admin.

Search by Employee and Advanced Filter

  • You may utilize the search bar to view the selected employee leave calendar and his profile.
  • We also have the advanced filter to perform more complex filtering based on the user-defined criteria.

    -Filter based on the Group Types(Group/Branch/Department/Location/Country) &

    -Filter based on the Leave Types (all available leave types)

Leave Transactions based on the status

  • It has 4 statuses: Pending, Approved, Rejected, and Withdrawn.
  • It shows the total leave application applied by employees on the selected date range.
  • By default, it shows the current month data.
  • Click on the number, it will show the leave request details under the relevant status.

Leave Type Taken by Month

  • By default, it shows the current month data. You may filter the data by using the date filter.
  • It shows total leave duration taken based on the leave types within the date range search.
  • From the chart, you shall know which leave types have been applied the most.
  • You may click on the plot point to view the leave application details summary.

Leave Type Taken by Employee

  • By default, it shows the current month data. You may filter the data by using the filter.
  • It returns the leave type and total days taken by each employee.
  • From this chart, you could know which employees have taken the most of the leave.
  • You may click on the bar to view the employee profile.

Leave Balance Summary

  • By default, it shows the Year to Date(YTD) leave balance summary for the company employees.
  • Quota: Total Quota Entitled (Annual quota set in leave settings + Boost by Length of Service(if any) + Boost by Group(if any) + Boost by Individual(if any)
  • Usage: YTD leave taken by an employee
  • Balance: Yearly leave balance 
  • You may sort the table based on the Quota, Usage, and Balance.

Employee Profile and Personal Leave Calendar

  • You may view the employee's basic profile: DOB, email, supervisor, and his job title.
  • The leave calendar is only showing the leave taken by the employee.
  • By default, the leave application detailed summary would show the data on the current date.
  • Click on the date, the detailed summary would change based on the selection.
  • You may utilize the search bar to view the other employees' leave calendar and profile.