You previously have a premium plan already, and you've paid the bill of a full cycle. Now you've upgraded the plan into a more expensive one - in the middle of the cycle. How does the bill calculate?

Rest easy, EasyWork's payment system is secure and takes those into consideration.  We will send the bills accordingly, and handles any calculation for you.

This is known as the proration mechanism of the bill payment system.

EasyWork used a proration mechanism with high accuracy and flexibility, the system is millisecond-based.

  • Billing is done to the millisecond.
  • Subscription cycle will start the moment you have upgraded your plan and done the payment.
    • For example, a subscription start at 23/7, 12:30:33.756. If the billing period of the upgraded plan is a month, the end of the next bill cycle would be at 23/8, 12:30:33.755.
    • For the ease of comprehending, we won't usually show the time to such accuracy. EasyWork will instead show you the date it ended and started.
  • Your previous subscription plan ends immediately. 
  • The amount of fees you paid in the original plan is carried forward.
    • For example, you have paid USD20 in the current cycle. You've upgraded the plan and it is supposed to be USD60 per cycle, but for that cycle in which you have switched plan, the bill is only USD40, due to the USD20 you've paid.
  • The difference in the payment period is also taken into accounts.