You are uncertain whether those premium features of EasyWork is worth upgrading for, where can you try it out first?

First thing first, EasyWork does provide a trial period for the Small Business Plan. In this one month period, you won't be charged any fees for using EasyWork! So, try it out to your heart's content, and see for yourselves whether the premium features worth it or not.

To start the trial, you can simply subscribe to the Pro Plan. If you are unclear how to, you may follow another guide by clicking this link.

In EasyWork Hub > Billing > Plans,

you should see this page.

As stated there, there will be a free trial for 1 month. So in the first month of your subscription, no fees whatsoever will be charged against your company. 7 days before the trial ends we would send a reminder email to you.

However, do takes note, after 1 month period passed, EasyWork will charges the fees based on the payment method you've selected in Payment Details!