Here's how you can cancel your subscription while still in the trial period

First of all, yes, you can cancel the subscription plan, anytime, anywhere.

When you cancelled a subscription plan, your EasyWork company won't disappear. The plan will just revert to the "Free" plan at the end of the current bill cycle.

To cancel any plan, you can go to the EasyWork Hub > Billing to perform the cancellation. Click this link to go there directly (You will need to log in first!).

There, you should be on this page.

You can see the summary details of your current plan. To cancel it, click on the button "Cancel Subscriptions" - highlighted in a red box in the above example.

You will be asked to confirm your action. Choose YES.


Refer to the summary details of the current plan again, the "Next Scheduled Change" will show that you will be reverting to Free plan soon.