Step 1: Tap on the company avatar to enter the Company screen. From there, scroll down to the User Access Group 

  • From Home Screen > Side Menu > Company
  • Under Company > User Access Group

Step 2: Press the key button to assign the privilege

  • Tap on the "Key" icon
  • Tap on the "Human" icon, if you want to add employees into the group

Step 3: Press the pen button

  • Tap on the "Pencil" icon, on the top right corner
  • A screen will appear to choose the access rights

Step 4: Select any access you would like to give and tick it.

  • From this screen, you're able to choose the access rights
  • Once the selection is done, tap on "DONE"

Step 5: To add employee(s) into the access group, tap on the "human" icon as shown on the screenshot of Step 2. Select the employee and save the changes.

Now your employee has the access to manage the company based on the access assigned.