Welcome to EasyWork Guide

EasyWork is an amazing Human Resource Management & Administrative Management System that allows SME company or organization to manage their integral work.


To let EasyWork shows you its magic, you can start by joining a company, or create a company to let others join. This guide will show you how to join a company by requesting to join through the workspace URL.


If you have not created any company or joined any company, just skip the first two steps.

1. Join a new company

Please skip this step if you haven't joined any company yet. And proceed to Step 2 directly.

Side Navigation > Company

  • Click on the Company option, or the Company dropdown selection under the profile picture is fine as well.


2. In Company Screen



  • On either screen, taps on the Plus icon on the top right corner.


3. Request for Invitation


Choose the second option, at the bottom. Taps on the “Request for Invitation” button.

On the next page, you can type in the workspace URL into a field that can be found at the bottom half of the screen.

  • The URL can be asked from the admins or any other users that are already in the company.
  • After entering the name, taps on the CONTINUE button.


4. Confirm Details

  • Let the admins know who you are by filling in these details.
  • When you are done, taps “REQUEST TO JOIN”.


5. Pending Request

Your request has successfully sent. Now it is up to your admin to approve of your request. Don’t worry, they won’t miss it!

When your request is approved, we will drop by email notification to let you know of it.