Welcome to EasyWork Guide

EasyWork is an amazing Human Resource Management & Administrative Management System that allows SME company or organization to manage their integral work.


EasyWork hub is a web application that helps administration staff manages the company easier through other devices such as a PC. This guide will show you how to creates a company through EasyWork Hub.


At Home Page

Side Navigation > Create New Company

  • Click on the Create New Company option.




In Company Page

You should now presented this page.



Create a Company

Look for this field, type in the name of your company.

  • After entering the name, click on Create Company button to create it.


Go to new company home page

After it loads for a while, go to Side Navigation Pane.

  • Click on the company dropdown list just under your profile pictures
  • You should able to see the company you just created under the list
  • Click on the new company

At New Company Home Page

And voila! This is the new company with you as the only employees, yet.

  • You can start inviting employees through Join Company!