Welcome to EasyWork Guide

EasyWork is an amazing Human Resource Management & Administrative Management System that allows SME company or organization to manage their integral work.


EasyWork hub is a web application that helps administration staff manages the company easier through other devices such as a PC. This guide will show you how to creates a company through EasyWork Hub.

At Home Page



From the SideBar Navigation, select  "Create New Company"

  • Click on the Create New Company option.
  • The screen as shown below should appear



In Company Page



You should be able to see this create company option as shown above. Here's how you can create your company. 

  • Key in your desired name for your company in the input filed
  • Once that is done, select the "Create Company" button
  • Your company is now successfully created


Go To New Company Home Page

Once the loading is completed, head over the Sidebar Navigation Menu

  • Under your profile picture, click on the company name to launch the dropdown menu
  • From the list, you will be able to see your newly created company name
  • Click on your new company name to switch over to the company

At New Company Home Page

And voila! This is the new company with you as the only employees, yet.

  • You can start inviting employees through Join Company!