EasyWork “User Access Group” allows company owners to delegate the management of the company by issuing different access rights to the responsible employee. There are a few benefits for allocating access rights: 

  1. Managers will be able to approve request applications

  2. Managers will be able to invite/remove employees to/from the company

  3. HR admins will be able to download module reports 

  4. Employees will be able to perform their job correctly given the correct access

To add User Acces Group head over to Company Settings with the following steps: 

EasyWork Home Screen > Side Menu ( Icon) > Company

Under “User Access Group”, you will be given the option to add new access groups with the icon on the top right corner and to edit or delete the access group tap on the icon. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1 - Tap on the icon

Step 2 - Give your access group a name

Step 4 - Tap on the group you just created

Step 5 - Tap on  add employee into the group

Step 6 - Tap on to give access rights to the group

Step 7 - Select your employee and access

Step 8 - Tap Done

Complete. That is how you can set your company’s users access group.