EasyWork “Groups” allows companies to create different working groups which might not be from the same department. For instance, a project that requires a cross-departmental team effort. There are a few benefits for having Groups: 

  1. Choosing employees by filtering departments

  2. Inviting specific departments for events

  3. Inviting specific departments to participate in Polls 

To add Groups head over to Company Settings with the following steps: 

EasyWork Home Screen > Side Menu ( Icon) > Company

Under “Groups”, you will be given the option to add a new group with the  icon on the top right corner. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1 - Tap on  the  icon

Step 2 - Give your group a name

Step 3 - Tap on the group you just created

Step 4 - Tap on View Employees 

Step 5 - Tap on “Add Employee” 

Step 6 - Select the relevant employee 

Step 7 - Tap Done

Complete. That is how you can create your unique company working groups.