At EasyWork we offer companies a wide range of features that will help their companies human resource management needs. We cover areas from Time Management, Leave Management, Employee Management and more. We strongly believe in providing the best solutions to companies in the most convenient way. Thus the creation of EasyWork. 

EasyWork offers companies three types of plans:

  1. Basic - Allow companies to use basic features for free with a limit of no more than 10 employees
  2. Pro - Provides companies with more complex features that are suitable for all the SMEs out there
  3. Enterprise -Features more suitable for a larger organisation in order to take care of their needs as well

Let us begin walking through EasyWork's Pricing page.

How Do I Calculate My Pricing?

  • The general formula to calculate the price will be "number of users * price"
  • If you have picked the Monthly Cycle - number of users * price = X (your total payment per month)
  • If you have chosen the Annual Cycle - (number of users * price)*12 = X (your total payment per year)

EasyWork Product Table

  • EasyWork's product table will showcase you the features that you will get from each plan
  • Any upcoming features that will be available will also be included respective product tables
  • Companies may refer to the list of features for a better understanding before making a decision

EasyWork Hub CenterEasyWork Hub Center

  • EasyWork will redirect companies to this page once they have decided on a plan after clicking on "Subscribe"
  • Or click onto
  • EasyWork Hub is the place where admins with access can perform task like managing subscription, manage employees and integration
  • To proceed, users will need to sign in

EasyWork Hub Login Method

  • Simply choose any method to login
  • Users will receive an OTP code for the very first time they log in
  • Make sure to use the same mobile phone number or email address as your account in EasyWork app when logging into the hub

EasyWork Hub - My Billing

  • This page allows owners or admins with access privilege to manage their subscriptions
  • User can modify the quantity, upgrade, downgrade and view invoices
  • Matters that relate to subscriptions can be found in My Billing 

EasyWork Hub - Modify PlanEasyWork Hub - Modify Plan

  • When you think it is time to upgrade, just click on "Modify Plan" 
  • This will take you to a screen which allows you to adjust your plans, quantity and billing cycle
  • A downgrade can be done here too
  • From there just click "Next" and follow the payment instructions 
  • Kindly take note that any upgrading plans, you will be paying only the differences.