Welcome To EasyWork Guides

EasyWork’s new Home Screen. We have updated our home screen to provide users with better user experience. This new design not only brings a fresh look but also improves functionality.

Section 1: Clock In & Out Shortcut

You can now Clock In & Out easily without having to tap into “Attendance”. Users can now instantly clock in at work right after the app is launched.

  • Clock In/Out Button.

  • Buttons will change according to your status.

Section 2: Location of all Features

In this section, you will have access to all the features. As seen on the old Home Screen design, the main title of each feature is available here.

  • Find all amazing feature here.

  • Expect to find latest features here.

Section 3: Calendar Area

In the last section, you will be able to view the upcoming holidays or events. To view the full Calendar, simply tap on the Calendar icon on the top right of the section.

  • View upcoming holidays in turquoise.

  • View upcoming company events in orange.