Section 1: Clock In & Out Shortcut

You can now Clock In & Out easily without having to tap into “Attendance”. Users can now instantly clock in at work right after the app is launched.

  • Clock button will change according to your status.
  • Show the last clock in/out time. You don't have to navigate inside the Attendance screen to check the last clock time.

Section 2: EasyWork Features

In this section, you will have access to all the features.

  • Find all the amazing features here.
  • Feature with a label of "Hub", means this feature is only available in EasyWork Hub

  • Tap "More" to explore more features. The module is categorized into 4 main categories: HR, Team, Smart Office, and Others. You can also search for the feature.

Section 3: Calendar

At here, you will be able to view the upcoming holidays or events. 

  • View the full Calendar/manage calendar, by simply tapping on the View Calendar icon.

  • View upcoming holidays in turquoise.
  • View upcoming company events in orange.
  • Create a company event/holiday by tapping on the "Create Event / Holiday button".

Section 4: Bottom Navigation Menu

In this final section, you will learn how to navigate to a different section of the app.

  • Main: Navigate to the Home screen.
  • Company: Navigate to company settings. At here, you can update company details, generate reports, add employees, switch to another company, update general settings, etc.
  • Inbox: Check the notifications or view the company announcements here.
  • Profile: To view/update your profile details, change language, submit app feedback, switch to another account, and logout.